About Us
“In every community, there is work to be done.
In every nation, there are wounds to heal.
In every heart, there is the power to do it.”

The International College of Energy Healing is a private vocational college dedicated to the provision of high quality programs and courses for individuals wishing to develop energy healing and metaphysical practice.

Located on beautiful Vancouver Island the college utilizes some truly wonderful places to hold courses and workshops all chosen to add something special to your learning experience.

Philosophy and Values

We are committed to providing high quality holsitic programs.  Students can expect to be supported to achieve success by building competence in the subject being studied. Programs are well structured and combine theory and practice designed to incrementally build the knowledge, skills and confidence of the student.  Programs are designed using adult learning principles and accommodate a range of learning styles.

Tutors provide a student centered, safe environment that supports learning.  Students are encouraged to ask questions and move to more independence as learners.

The college has a set of values that guides it's opertation, decision-making, teaching and learning provision:

  • Respect and Dignity for all
  • Learning as a way of being
  • Responsibility for learning is shared
  • Aspiring to be your best every day
  • Be the change you want to see

Affilitations and Accreditations

The college is a member in good standing of the following organisations and abide by their Codes of Conduct, Ethical Frameworks and Commitment to high standards and quality.


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