Earth Magic Workshops

Earth based practice involves working with the cycles of the earth, lunar and solar phases.  It is a deeply spiritual practice that is based on ancient ways of being.  It harnesses the power that is within us and celebrates the Devine in all of us.


If you have been feeling guided to walk a magical path, this program is for you. 

Focused on the wheel of the year, the program of study will explore the rituals, practices, ceremonies and spellwork related to each aspect of the year.

Running for a full year, the emphasis of this program is to support you in your magical practice and help you to grow your earth based spirituality. Working through the wheel of the year will provide you with a profound connection to the earth as well as develop practical approaches to integrating this ancient wisdom and practice into your life.

This a mixture of knowledge sharing, skill building and ceremony commencing with a full day of foundational practice before embarking upon the wheel of the year.

We will be exploring the following:

•The ethics of Magical Practice

•Working with the Elements

•Candle Magic

•Fire Magic

•Using Portals

•Celebrations throughout the Year

•Psychic Protection and Warding

•Water Magic


•Heightening Intuition

•Circle Casting

•Intention and Spell Work


$350 per person

Your teachers 

Matilda - Matilda comes from a centuries old lineage of UK witches and has been schooled in this ancient craft since childhood. Matilda teaches extensively in Europe and is now teaching on Vancouver Island. She is steeped in magical practice and is a delight to learn from.

Dawn - Dawn has been a practicing witch for over 15 years and is looking forward to sharing her rituals and practices with you.

This program will next run in 2020.



This is a comprehensive 2 day workshop which will give you the knowledge and skills to protect and ward yourself and your environment from spiritual, energy and human influence and negativity. Some of the techniques you will be shown date back centuries and are being taught in Canada for the first time!

COST: $200(including light refreshments)

2019 dates coming soon




In this 3 hour workshop you will learn how to make smudging feathers and sticks.  Fresh and organic botanicals will be available to use and included in the cost of the workshop as well as your choice of feather and embellishments.  Once made you will dedicate and bless your feather and practice the ancient art of smudging.   A truly wonderful way to spend a day!

The workshop runs from 1-4 and costs $70, including materials and light refreshments.

To find out more about this workshop and upcoming dates please email us at admin@internationalcollegeofenergyhealing.com

2019 dates coming soon




Wands are ancient tools for ceremony and magical working. The most powerful magical tools are the ones you make yourself.  Get creative and make your own wand from wood gathered for this purpose.

Included in this workshop are all the materials you need to make a most magnificent wand indeed! Refreshments are also included.

At the end of the creative process you will be taken through a ceremony to consecrate you wand

This is a half day workshop from 1pm - 4pm.

COST: $70 per person (including refreshments.

To find out more about this workshop and upcoming dates please email us at admin@internationalcollegeofenergyhealing.com

2019 dates coming soon


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