Dawn Kirkham, MA, Reiki Master/Teacher, Dip Crystal Healing, Cert Ed, Sound Healing Dip, Indian Head Massage Dip, IPHM

Dawn is the founder and Principal of the International College of Energy Healing and is the main tutor. She started her career as a holistic therapist through the study of Reiki.  Reiki is not only one of the therapies that she provides, but is an important part of her spiritual practice.

Dawn consolidated her love of stones and crystals by completing a Diploma in Crystal Healing from St Helens College and went on to provide both Reiki and Crystal healing to clients.

She also holds certifications in Indian Head Massage, Sound Healing, Aromatherapy  and Emotional Freedom Technique. She has been supporting client wellness for over 15 years and continues to do this by maintaining a client base.

Dawn is educated to Masters level in her professional field from Liverpool John Moore’s University and applies the skills of research, critical thinking, communication etc. to her work as an holistic therapist and educator.

She holds a Post Graduate Certificate in Education from the University of Central Lancashire and has taught at post-secondary institutions both at the undergraduate and post graduate level.

She is a skilled educator and brings this along with a passion for the work into the classroom.

During her career, Dawn was involved in the delivery of National Vocational Qualifications and qualified both as an NVQ Assessor and Verifier.

She brings her knowledge of competency development and assessment to the programs.

Dawn has worked both in the National Health Service (NHS) and Canadian Health system for 25 years and during this time has been exposed to many wonderful experiences that have built her knowledge and skills.

She is a certified mentor and multi-source feedback facilitator and has well developed coaching skills.

She brings this richness of expertise to the role of Principal and course tutor.

Matilda McNeil, Seer and Witch

Matilda comes from a centuries old lineage of New Forest witches and has been schooled in this ancient craft since childhood.  Matilda teaches extensively in Europe and is now teaching on Vancouver Island.  She is steeped in magical practice and is a delight to learn from!

HelenWindsor, Reiki Master/Teacher

We are delighted to welcome Helen to our growing faculty membership.  Helen is a gifted artist and healer.  Helen trained with Dawn Kirkham as a Reiki Master/Teacher and has a unique bond with animals.  She is a perfect choice to co-teach the Reiki and Crystal Healing for Animals programs.

Zoe Baldwin, Dip Indian Head Massage Certified Crystal Therapist and Reiki Master/Teacher

Zoe is an amazing wellness advocate and therapist and we are lucky to have her as a faculty member co-facilitating the Indian Head Massage Certification Program.  She owns and runs Mountain Heights Healing www.mountainheightshealing.com

Visiting Faculty

Maria Wheatly, Avebury School of Esoteric Studies

Maria has been dowsing most of her life and was taught to dowse by her late father, Dennis Wheatley, who was considered to be Britain’s top Master Dowser and a world authority on the Geodetic System of Earth Energies.   Maria has taught dowsing, astrology, past life regression, tarot and reflexology since 1991 for Swindon College and several private colleges throughout Southern England. Maria has also written diploma courses for the BSY Group – British School of Yoga. Maria is an accomplished lecturer and author. She has written several books, one of which is forwarded by the late Hamish Miller, a leading authority on dowsing which is entitled Avebury Sun Moon and Earth Energies, and explores earth energies and ley lines within the Avebury environs. Maria has also written Ancient Sites of Stonehenge and Discovering Wiltshire a gazetteer of ancient sites thatlists over 100 sacred sites in the county of Wiltshire. Her latest book on earth energies Divining Ancient Sites – insights into their creation is considered one of the foremost books on earth energy ever written. Maria has lectured for the British Society of Dowsing (BSD) and has been published internationally in the American Dowsing Society magazine, French, Italian and the New Zealand dowsing journals. She has worked as an earth energy guide for authors such as Dolores Canon, Bert Janssen, Janet Ossebaard and James Tyberonn all of whom share her vision of understanding Earth energies and forthcoming Earth changes. Maria is continuing her late father’s work and runs The Avebury School of Esoteric Studies. She Mastered in Feng Shui and has blended her dowsing ability, knowledge of Feng Shui with her Celtic awareness of sacred sites to co create harmonic living and spiritual spaces as did our forebears. Maria’s dowsing teachings are now incorporated into a nursing exam programmed based in the USA.  Maria creates a relaxed atmosphere for students to explore the ancient art of dowsing. With over 15 years of professional tutoring for various educational authorities, Maria understands how to maximize your potential and develop your psychic sensitivity. Her high standards of tuition enable you to quickly grasp the key principles of dowsing. Maria is passionate about dowsing and also has a great sense of humor and enjoys meeting new students. http://www.theaveburyexperience.co.uk/

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