This program is designed for anyone who would like to become a certified Sound Healing Practitioner. Whether you are an existing therapist or energy worker who wishes to add this powerful healing modality to your toolkit or are new to energy healing and is drawn to work with clients in this way, this program is for you.

The program is a blend of theory and practice and runs over 7 months. It is a multi-instrument program where you get to explore how to use various sound healing instruments with a client during a session. In between sessions you will be asked to practice and write up these sessions as reflective logs. Towards the end of the program you will be confident to be able to undertake a full healing session using several sound healing instruments/techniques and there will be opportunities to practice on volunteer clients to help you to grow your skills.

Assessment for certification is undertaken by the submission of 3 case studies before the end of the program and an observed sound healing session.

The course is facilitated by Dawn Kirkham, MA, Reiki Master/Teacher, Crystal Dip, Sound Healing Dip, IPHM. Dawn is the principal of the International College of Energy and has been working with clients and students for over 20 years. She provides a safe and supportive space to learn and grow as an energy practitioner.

The program is accredited by the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine (IPHM).

The program covers the following:

Module 1. Monday 6th May 6pm - 9pm

Introduction to the course
History of Sound Healing, how it Works and its Benefits
Anatomy and Physiology of Sound and How we Hear
Chakras and the Auric Field

Module 2 Monday 3rd June 6pm - 9pm

Using your Voice, Toning and Chanting
Theory and Practice

Module 3 Monday 8th July 6pm - 9pm

Singing Bowls
Theory and Practice

Module 4 Monday 5th August 6pm - 9pm

Tuning Forks
Theory and Practice

Module 5 Monday 16th September 6pm - 9pm

Drums and Rattles
Theory and Practice

Module 6 Monday 7th October 6pm - 9pm

Bells, Chimes and Gongs
Professional Practice

Practice Evenings: Monday 7th October and Tuesday 15th October 6pm - 9pm

Final Assessment: Monday 4th November 6pm - 9pm

Each session is 3 hours and is scheduled to allow for practice time in between sessions.

Certification will only be granted if students complete all the case study requirements and the final assessment.

The cost of the program is $600 which includes a manual, refreshments and certification. A payment plan is available. Please note the full cost of the course is required to be paid by the first day of class.

A $100 deposit will hold your place. Places are limited to 8 people. Please email Dawn at admin@internationalcollegeofenergyhealing.com with questions or to reserve your place. 

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