This is what our students are saying:

It was great to get the chance to take the class (a longtime goal) but to be lucky enough to have an amazing instructor. Dawn's organized, in touch with student needs, and paces the class in a way that challenges without leaving anyone behind. If you get a chance to take a class with her - don't pass up the chance!

Reiki Student


Amazing! Dawn is a gifted woman and i am blessed to be her student!
I have learned alot about myself and how to help others by becoming a Level 1 & 2 Reiki Practitioner. THANKS FOR EVERYTHING you rock

Reiki Student

I had waited a year to have this training from Dawn Kirkham. And it surpassed my expectations. Dawn teaches from such a heart-centred place. She has a wealth of knowledge and is a natural teacher. The location was perfect, as far enough out of town to escape from traffic noise and peaceful to eat lunch outside. I strongly recommend taking Reiki I from her. I will be signing up for Reiki II in a few months, once I have had some practice using it.

Reiki Student

What a great weekend! Dawn is an amazing teacher, I'm so thankful for her and all the students this weekend thank you

Reiki Student

I went into the course with little information, a lot of interest and an unrecognized obsession with crystals - I had a ton of them at home, but no clue what to do with them. This course changed that entirely. I have been astounded by the abilities of the crystals, gained some wonderful insights from Dawn Kirkham, and I can honestly say I haven't been the same since. I've been able to help people with many different conditions, from family members to clients who I now treat in my home, to myself as well, and has led me to a wonderful second career running my own business. I would and have recommended this program to anyone interested, even a little bit. Dawn is an amazing teacher, the program was comprehensive in both theory and practical application, and the environment was incredible. Well worth the time.

Robyn Ingvallsen
Reiki and Crystal Therapy Practitioner
 The Oak & The Ivy Healing Services.


First off I have to say that Dawn Kirkham is the best teacher ever! She explains things and also prods one to think through the issue and come up with the answer that best fits you. Because you know we are all different and have different results with the crystals. That is the one thing I think I learned the most from this course, there is no one answer for everyone. We need to follow our intuition and work with the crystals that choose to work with us. The course was very informative and thorough. I loved it and recommend it to everyone.
Lori Prophet
Reiki and Crystal Healing Therapy Practitioner


I cannot express the gratitude of taking the Crystal Healing 
Certificate program. Dawn Kirkham has changed my life in so many ways with
the teachings I have learned from her. I have my Reiki Level 2 that Dawn taught. When offered the Crystal Healing Certificate I jumped at the chance to learn  more .... I now own over 100 Crystals (most of them I purchased fromDawn). I use the healing with crystals everyday. I also use them in my small practice of Energy Healing with Reiki andCrystals. The Crystals and all of their individual properties are amazing and very effective !!! Thanks to Dawn and the International College of Energy Healing, I am so proud to have been in a group that were the first to graduate from the College's program. I continue with studies offered by the College and strongly recommend the teachings that are offered. 

Thanks Dawn and the International College of Energy Healing !!

Sue MacSporran 
Reiki and Crystal Therapy Practitioner

Dawn is an amazing teacher. You walk into her class with a real sense of patience and calm. I have worked with Dawn on many occasions learning many different art forms from Reiki to Earth based magic. I highly recommend The International College of Energy Healing. Dawn holds space for everyone who comes to learn from her and she always guides one, to do the best they can on their life long journey. She is always willing to answer any questions and/Or concerns that you may have during and after anything you learn.
Thank you Dawn for being such an amazing teacher.

Reiki Student

Dawn's heart is as big as the universe. Her generosity is unmatched as she even shares openly with competitors. Her teachings are given with great kindness and compassion and she's always supportive and wise. As her numerology chart is filled with Master Numbers, Dawn has decided to go big or go home as she openly shares her amazing gifts with everyone. I am honoured to be in her growing circle. Congratulations on the College, my friend.

Rev Faye
Reiki and Psychic Development Student


Dawn is an amazing teacher and mentor! She is personable, warm and loving. Whenever I needed advice, she has always been there. Her guidance in other people's journey is something I will strive for, for my future students. An absolute GEM!

Reiki Master


Dawn is a natural born teacher but adding to that she is educated and wise - coming from the heart and placing love as the source of power she is able to rock everything she does! Love Love Love!

Evidential Medium


Dawn is an excellent teacher and facilitator. I have taken Reiki I and II with her, and enjoyed both immensely. If you are interested in Reiki, she is a long-time Reiki Master/teacher with years of experience who gives practical advise and information on different aspects of practice so you can make your own decisions on how to use Reiki energy. A truly wonderful experience.

Reiki Student


I have had the amazing pleasure to have taken Reiki courses with Dawn. She is one of the most kind and beautiful souls to spend your time with. Her courses were so amazing. It was a blessing to have been a part! Thank you!

Reiki Student


I first met Dawn Kirkham through the recommendation of a trusted friend.  Studying Energy Healing was something I had been interested in for many years, however being of a skeptical nature I was very wary of finding a legitimate institution/person to entrust with guiding me on this part of my life journey. In decided upon The International College of Energy Healing, and I could not have made a better choice. Dawn is extremely knowledgeable and intuitive - both the theory and practical components of her lesson plans are clear, concise and well organized. Dawn makes herself available outside of class time for questions and extra guidance, and always provides thoughtful feedback. Her gentle and caring personality is reflected in her teaching style, and every course I have taken has not only resulted in exceptional education, but also developed strong friendships with fellow students. I firmly believe that certain people and opportunities come into our lives for a reason – if reading this testimonial guides you to consider taking a course through the International College Energy Healing then I offer you my heartfelt congratulations, because I know you will not be disappointed.

Tani Shipka
Reiki Master and Certified Crystal Therapist

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