Join us as we explore the art and practice of dowsing in this highly interactive 1 day workshop.  Be prepared to roll your sleeves up and learn the techniques below using pendulums and L Rods.

You will learn the theory and practice of:

  • Information, Directional and Remanence Dowsing
  • High Frequency Dowsing Techniques
  • Chakra and Aura Dowsing
  • Map Dowsing

VENUE:  Highlands, Victoria, BC, Canada

COSTS:   $100 per person

INCLUDED:  Light Refreshments and Course Materials

Pendulums and Rods will be available to use on the day and can be purchased.  If you have rods and/or a pendulum please feel free to bring your own!

2018 dates coming soon




This two day workshop will introduce you to techniques designed to hone your psychic and intuitive abilities.  Learn to listen and interpret the information that is available to you and allow your sixth sense to flow!

COST:  $175.00 per person (cost includes light refreshments)

VENUE:  Victoria, BC, Canada


Check back for 2019 dates.



If you are looking to build your confidence and connection with spirit, this workshop is for you.  Using tried and tested exercises to strengthen your communication ability you will be coached to expand and explore this is a safe and supportive environment.

COST: $200.00 (cost includes light refreshments)

VENUE:  Victoria, BC, Canada


Check back for 2019 dates.



Gem elixirs, also called crystal essences or gem waters, have been used by many throughout the ages. They are a convenient way to use the vibrational energies of the crystals for crystal healing, magick, and more. A crystal elixir is the unique vibratory energy pattern of a crystal imprinted into the auric and biophysical energy matrix of water.

You will learn safe techniques for creating your own gem waters, crystal elixirs, and vibrational sprays.  This is a hands on workshop and you will leave with a gem elixir and a room spray of your choice.

Come and spend a wonderfully uplifting few hours together with Dawn Kirkham, a Crystal Therapist and Teacher of Crystal Therapy for over 10 years. 

Venue: 1895 Millstream Road, Highlands.  A beautiful space on a private lake that is healing for the mind, body and spirit.

Cost: $60 per person.  All materials are included including light refreshments.
Places are limited to 8.

check back for Fall 2018 dates

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