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Crystal Healing Fundamentals

Opening up yourself to crystal energy can be a profound experience. 

Chances are you have been drawn to crystals for some time and you are now interested in developing your passion for crystals and integrating them into your life more fully.

This program is fully online and is packed full of great content designed to build you knowledge, skill and confidence with crystals.

Learn how to tap into the wisdom of our crystal allies

Discover ways to work with crystals to promote your own wellbeing and health

Develop a close relationship with the crystals in your life

Understand how crystal energy affects you and your home

Delight in the many ways in which crystals want to work with us

Take control of your life and learn to make the most of it

Manifest your desires using the power of crystals

The program is organized in 12 modules which include written content, video, audio and practical activities designed to develop your skills and confidence. 

PLUS! you get to interact with me, Dawn your course tutor.  You can share your experiences of the activities and receive feedback directly from me, ask questions and have them answered as well as read the questions and comments plus my replies from all the students who have gone before you!

You will not be alone - I will be there to support you every step of the way!

This course costs $199 CDN

Your Crystal Journey

A program born out of a passion for crystals


You will expl​ore:

Energy and vibration

The history of crystal healing

How rocks, stones and crystals are formed

How to choose crystals and ready them for use

The Impact of stress and how crystals can support us

Your Aura and Chakra system

The properties of 18 crystals and how they work with you

How colour affects us

Crystal techniques that are proven to be beneficial to health and wellbeing 

Tapping into your own and crystal wisdom

Dowsing using a pendulum

Meditating with crystals

Connecting to the energy of the crystal

Clearing and balancing your aura and chakras

Creating a sacred space

Setting up crystal grids that work

Divination with crystals

Protecting your energy and environment

Creating crystal elixirs and sprays

How to heighten your intuition with crystals

Stress reduction techniques

Simple wellness layouts

About your Tutor

Dawn Kirkham, MA, Cert Ed, Master Crystal Therapist, Dip Crystal Therapy, Reiki Master Teacher, Reiki Drum Master, Sound Healing and Indian Head Massage Practitioner/Teacher

I have been working as a Crystal Therapist for over 20 years. I have worked with many clients and students, sharing my passion for crystals and how they can support us.

I trained in the UK and established my crystal therapy practice at a time when crystal healing wasn’t as popular as it is today. There weren’t many places to buy good quality crystals from and it was seen as being very ‘out there’ and on the fringe. I made it my mission to bring crystal healing more fully into the world of holistic health and worked hard to build its reputation as an effective and powerful complimentary therapy. I have been blown away by the validation that crystals give me, my clients and students every day!

I was called to teach Crystal Healing by my many clients who had experienced the power of crystals in their own wellness journeys and wanted to learn more. So I created a course called Crystal Healing Fundamentals designed to provide anyone with the ability to partner with crystals in a conscious and meaningful way. I still teach this course face to face and online. For those who wanted to become Crystal Therapists themselves, I went on to create the Certified Crystal Therapy Practitioner Program and launched that in 2008.

I now live in Canada on Vancouver Island and still offer in person programs. I have been delighted with the response to my work here and have trained many crystal therapists here on the Island and who now have thriving healing businesses.

I created the International College of Energy Healing as a place to facilitate the growth and development of holistic healing professionals. We opened our doors in 2011 and we have been delighted with the response to what we do. People really appreciate the quality of our programs, the heart centered approach we take and the support we give. 

We are delighted to have been instrumental in building a strong community of loving holistic healing practitioners who want to spread love, joy and healing to the world!

Why Choose Dawn as your Teacher?

Why choose me as your teacher?

  • I have over 20 years’ experience of working consciously with crystals and a lifetime of having a passion for them.

  • I am a Master Crystal Healer

  • All the techniques and approaches I teach I use for myself and my clients. I know they work and are powerful indeed!

  • I am a qualified teacher with many years’ experience of teaching, facilitating and coaching. 

  • I have supported, developed and inspired hundreds of students over the years.

  • I love what I do and am passionate about it.

  • I am 100% committed to supporting you to fulfil your dreams.

  • I am an expert in the field of Crystal Healing (and many other modalities).

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