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Become a Crystal Therapist

Online Certified Practitioner Training

This course is perfect for those who want to learn the professional skills & knowledge to become a Qualified Crystal Healing Practitioner. Add Crystal Healing to your existing healing modalities, or learn from scratch how to become a confident Crystal Healer. 

Are you feeling called?

Crystals have a way of calling us to them.  Its like a magnetic pull that can no longer be ignored.  You may have been working with crystals for some time or a total newbie but there is something that is pulling you to want to work with them more consciously.

Maybe you dream of helping others achieve their health and wellness goals and are looking for a fulfilling and spiritually uplifting career.

Whatever drew you - you are in the right place at the right time


Hear what Dawn has to say about the program


This online program is designed to:

*Develop your crystal healing skills and knowledge

*Provide practical training which you can use for yourself and clients

*Increase your confidence and ability to work with people

*Heighten your intuition and innate healing abilities

*Support you to practice in a heart centered, ethical and professional way

Full of Great Content!

You will learn:

*The role of the Crystal Therapist and how to work with people holistically

*How to build a partnership with your crystal allies

*How to care for crystals and work with them safely

*How to choose the best crystal(s) to use and how to use them

*How to use crystals to aid relaxation and stress reduction

*How to use crystals to support the aura and chakra system

*Basic anatomy and physiology, common ailments and how to use crystals to help

*Crystal healing techniques for Meridians

*Self-care for you and your clients

*Professional and ethical practice for a crystal therapist

*Distant healing techniques with crystals

*Creating crystal grids, elixirs and essences

*How to set up a sacred space for healing

*How to build and grow your business

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The program has been organized into modules which build upon one another and allow you to develop both your knowledge and skills

Module One

Welcome and Introduction

In this module you will receive all the necessary information to set you up for success as you embark upon your crystal healing therapist journey.

You will also be asked to schedule a video chat with your tutor so you can ask questions and make a connection with them.  

Module Two

Crystal Therapy Basics

This module provides you with the basic information and skills you need to work as a crystal therapist. It is the foundation for your practice.

At the end of the module you will be able to:·

State what Crystal Healing is and How Crystals can Support Wellness

Apply an Understanding of how Rocks and Crystals are Formed and How this Relates to Crystal Healing·

Apply an understanding of Shapes to the Practice of Crystal Therapy

Care for and Store Crystals Safely

Select Crystals and Ready them for Use

Use a Pendulum to Access Intuitive Information·

Apply an Understanding of the Effects of Colour and how this relates to crystal healing

Ensure practice sessions with clients are effective and professional

Undertake research on the healing properties of the course crystals

Module Three

The Nature of Illness and Disease

In this module we will be exploring how to manage energy for ourselves and for our clients. We will be looking at how to use crystals to relax, de-stress, ground, centre and protect energy.

As a holistic therapist, it becomes increasingly important that you establish (if you have not already) a routine that ensures you are not depleted or influenced by the energy of others and that you have in place and practice techniques to manage your own energy. Being a role model for your clients and putting into action the things you recommend for your clients is essential.

Following this, you will be exploring techniques to assist your crystal therapy clients to relax during a crystal therapy treatment, and how to help a client to manage their own energy moving forwards.

You will also explore the aura and chakra system and learn techniques to support these systems.

At the end of this module you will be able to:·

Apply an understanding of the nature of stress and how it affects our wellness

Practice techniques to cleanse and remove stale, stuck energy from a client’s aura using a pendulum and wand

Ground, Centre and Protect your energy and provide guidance on how to do this to a client

Apply an understanding of the chakra system and how it affects health and wellbeing of clients

Assess the health of a chakra, clear and rebalance using a pendulum and crystals

Module Four

Creating Crystal Grids

Creating a crystal grid is a way for you to connect intention and the power of crystals in order to manifest your desires.

It is a wonderful way to work with crystal energy and will expand your practice exponentially.

At the end of this module you will be able to:·

Choose a sacred geometric pattern to enhance your gird

Choose stones that will align with your intention

Identify the most effective placement for your grid

Set up and Activate your grid

Create a Sacred Space

Module Five

Crystal Layouts and Additional Techniques

In this module you will find a variety of layouts that you can practice and use with clients.

These techniques will build your toolkit and are not designed to all be used during a session. You may find techniques that you enjoy using more than another and this is perfectly natural. Some techniques you might only want to use for specific circumstances, and some may form part of your regular session.

For me, I always finish a session with a beautiful facial massage with two crystal wands (unless the client does not wish to or there are skin issues which might prevent me from doing so). You will learn this technique and I guarantee your clients with love it!

Learning Outcomes:

Use crystal layouts within a crystal healing session

Use a crystal ball within a session.

Perform a facial massage using two crystal wands

Undertake Absent/Distant Healing

You will also be invited to schedule a video chat with your tutor to discuss progress

Module Six

Working with Meridians

You will be learning the basics of Meridians and how they affect health and wellness.

You will learn techniques to assess a meridian and apply crystal healing to address blockages.

At the end of the module you will be able to:

Understand basic information about the Meridian system

Identify a Meridian that needs to be worked on using dowsing and or client consultation

Apply crystal(s) to resolve a blockage

Module Seven 

Crystal Elixirs and Essences

In this module you will learn how to make a variety of crystal elixirs and sprays. Crystal elixirs and essences go by many names: gem waters, gem elixirs, gem tonics, gem essences, crystal waters, crystal essences, crystal tonics, and more. However, do not be confused. Basically, an elixir is something that is ingested (taken orally), and room sprays are used externally by spraying them into a room or on something.

Whatever the definition we are talking about the use of crystals to imprint its vibrational signature in water. It is essentially a liquid version of a crystal energy pattern.

Learning Outcomes:

Explain the basis for how gem elixirs work

State the difference between elixirs, essences and gem water

Create elixirs, essences and room sprays

Module Eight

Professional Practice

In this module we will be exploring working as a crystal therapist, safely, ethically and professionally. It is important for any healing practitioner to comply with an ethical and regulatory framework in order to safeguard you and your clients.

At the end of this module you will be able to:

Practice in a safe and ethical manner

Comply with relevant legislation

Collect and store client information within an ethical and legal framework

Provide aftercare information to clients that will assist their wellness journey

Module Nine

Facilitating a Crystal Therapy Session

So far you have been learning a selection of techniques that can be used within a crystal therapy session. In this module you will put all that you have learned into practice. You will learn a step by step process which has been proven to be successful along with additional layouts and techniques.

At the end of the module you will be able to:·

Facilitate an effective and safe crystal therapy session with a client on a massage bed and seated

Undertake client consultation and agree treatment plan

Position the client for effective healing and encourage them to relax and interact as appropriate

Create an energetic connection with the client and practice relaxation techniques

Assess a clients’ aura and chakra system

Select crystals to achieve session outcomes

Use crystal layouts to maximize healing

Record the outcomes of the session accurately

Conclude the healing session and bring the client back to a state of alertness

Obtain feedback on the outcome of the healing in a manner, level and pace suited to the client

Ensure the client is fit to travel

Undertake a crystal facial using two massage wands

Facilitate a distant crystal healing session

You will also be invited to schedule a video chat with your tutor

Module Ten

Anatomy and Physiology

Most illnesses result from a combination of factors. We have already explored the energetic basis of disease. There will be dis-ease at subtle levels (mental, emotional, spiritual), response to environmental factors (geopathic stress, EMF) and misalignment between the physical body and the auric field.

This module is designed to help you to understand human anatomy and physiology as it is from a solid foundation of knowledge of how the body works and the conditions that affect health, wellbeing and happiness.

It is important to note that you are not expected to reach the standard expected of a clinician. It really is just a basic understanding of the major systems of the body and the common things that go wrong.

What is anatomy and physiology?

Anatomy is the study of the structures of body parts and their relationships to one another. Physiology is the study of the functions of the body.

Learning Outcomes:

At the end of this module you will be able to:

Apply an understanding of the body systems and common ailments to crystal healing·

Satisfy the assignment requirements for certification

Module Eleven

Case Studies

The use of case studies in the Crystal Therapy Practitioner Program:


a student to demonstrate the knowledge and skills they have learned

Provides opportunities for the tutor to assess growth, provide feedback and further support the student

Builds confidence in the student

Brings to life what the student has been learning

Therefore, it is an important part of the program.

Case Study Requirements:

You are asked to schedule 3 sessions with the same client, complete the required case study template.

Complete Case Study forms will be submitted in a timely way and must be submitted at least 4 days before the next session.

Feedback will be provided by the course tutor.

Typed documents are preferred. However, if you are handwriting it - please ensure it is legible. If the handwriting is not clear it may be returned to you to re-submit.

In order for the case studies to be successful you will need:

A case study client. This person will be committing to 3 full sessions with you and that they are willing to provide feedback on the session and what they have experienced in between sessions. No payment is to be received for the sessions.

Somewhere to perform the healing. The space should be quiet and conducive for the session.

A massage bed is recommended.

Tools, equipment, crystals etc to perform the sessions.

Consultation forms, treatment records and after care advice sheets.

Case Study template to complete and submit

Module Twelve

Observed Assessment and Certification

The observed assessment is your opportunity to showcase the knowledge and skills you have developed during the program. It is also an opportunity for the College to ensure that you have the required competencies and you meet the standards required of a practitioner.

You will need:

A volunteer client

A computer or tablet with video capabilities

A quiet space to work

A massage bed (preferred, although you can work on the floor if required)

A range of crystals, tools required to perform the session

Consultation form, treatment record and after care sheet

It is recommended that you schedule a video chat with your tutor prior to the observed assessment to go through the process etc beforehand.


Following the successful completion of all the required assessments you will be sent your certificate

"Certified Crystal Therapy Practitioner"

You will also be asked to participate in a short program evaluation survey.

Your Facilitator

Dawn Kirkham, Master Crystal Therapist

Hi, I’m Dawn Kirkham and I have been working as a Crystal Therapist for 25 years. I have worked with many clients and students, sharing my passion for crystals and how they can support us.

I trained in the UK and established my crystal therapy practice at a time when crystal healing wasn’t as popular as it is today. There weren’t many places to buy good quality crystals from and it was seen as being very ‘out there’ and on the fringe. I made it my mission to bring crystal healing more fully into the world of holistic health and have worked hard to build its reputation as an effective and powerful complimentary therapy. I have been blown away by the validation that crystals give me, my clients and students every day!

I was called to teach Crystal Healing by my many clients who had experienced the power of crystals in their own wellness journeys and wanted to learn more and the rest is history I guess.

I am honoured to be able to do this work 

Why Choose Me as your Teacher?

I have over 25 years’ experience of working consciously with crystals and a lifetime of having a passion for them.
All the techniques and approaches I teach I use for myself and my clients. I know they work and are powerful indeed!
I am a qualified teacher with many years’ experience of teaching, facilitating and coaching. 
I have supported, developed and inspired hundreds of students over the years.
I love what I do and am passionate about it.
I am 100% committed to supporting you to fulfil your dreams.
I am an expert in the field of Crystal Healing (and many other modalities).
I walk my talk.  I work with crystals and try to be a role model for my clients and students

What Makes this Program Special?

I think I have created one of the most comprehensive online programs on the market today.  What makes this program special are these features:

Compelling, well researched content that is written from a place of knowledge and understanding.

Techniques that I know work because I use them in my own crystal healing practice

Lots of practice opportunities

A fabulous e-learning platform that allows you to access video, audio, PDF files etc.  Its easy to use and navigate

We also have a distance learning option which allows you to progress through the program at your own pace.  PDF modules will be sent via email directly to your inbox upon completion of the last module

A comprehensive manual you can download and keep for each module

Ongoing access to the course materials, including anytime the program is updated with new content

An ability to interact with the course tutor within the program and get answers to your questions

No time limit for completion - this is totally in your hands but don't be surprised if I send you an email to check in if I haven't seen you online

1:1 video chats with your course tutor so that you can build a relationship with them and feel supported throughout your journey

Robust assessment process.  Whilst this might feel daunting, you know that when you have successfully completed these you have earned the privilege of calling yourself a Certified Crystal Therapy Practitioner

Access to a private Facebook group with other crystal therapy practitioners

The program is certified by the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine which is a confirmation of quality


In order to be certified it is important that you are able to demonstrate your ability to practice in a safe, ethical and professional way.

This is why we pride ourselves on ensuring you reach the highest standards of practice.

A graduate of the International College of Energy Healing means something and we want to be sure that you have the required knowledge and skills to live up to the standards we expect.

There are three formal assessments that you must successfully complete in order to become certified:

Submission of assignment on Anatomy and Physiology

Submission of 3 Case Studies

Observed Assessment of a Full Treatment

Following successful completion of these and the ongoing module assessments, you will be awarded the designation:

"Certified Crystal Therapy Practitioner"

Bonus Modules

And if the modules packed full of great content isn't enough, you will receive two bonus modules:

Building your Crystal Therapy Business

Lithomancy - Using Crystals for Divination

Access to these modules will be provided once you have successfully completed the program

Completion Options

Online Program

Using our online e-learning platform you will have instant access to videos, audio, PDF files etc

You will be able to work through the content at your own pace, including the various activities and exercises 

You control the speed of progression

You also get 4 video calls with your course tutor for support

COST: $660 CDN

Distance Learning Option

You still get access to all the great content including videos and audio files and these are emailed to you along with a PDF module file.

You will still be able to work through the content at your own pace, including the activities and exercises.

You control the speed of progression

You also get the same 4 video calls with your course tutor as with the online option

Payment can be divided into 3 monthly instalments to help spread the cost.  Payment will be collected via PayPal.


Should you wish to use the payment plan for the Distance Learning Option only, This will be 3 equal payments of $250 (including a small handling fee). If you would like to set up the payment plan for the Distance Learning Option - please get in touch HERE

Certified Crystal Therapy Practitioner Program - E-Learning Option

You will be taken to our e-learning platform to complete the transition.

Certified Crystal Therapy Practitioner Program - Distance Learning Option

Select this option if you want to complete the program via Distance Learning.

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