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About your Reiki Session

Before the session starts, Dawn will find out a bit more about your health and lifestyle as this will inform a treatment plan designed to meet your wellness goals. 

Reiki is typically provided with the client lying on a massage table, face up.  You remain fully clothed (apart from your shoes) and made comfortable on the bed.  You will be offered pillows, blankets and an eye mask for your comfort.

An assessment of your chakras (subtle energy centres) and your aura will be undertaken to understand if there are in-balances that need to be addressed in the session.

After some relaxation techniques, Dawn will lightly place her hands on your head and body to introduce Reiki energy into your system.  Soothing music is played in the background to aid your relaxation.

At the end of the session, you will be gently roused and Dawn will encourage you to share your experiences, before she shares hers.  You will be provided with ways in which to continue to integrate the energy.

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