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Supporting your Development 

As well as our workshops and programs, we are delighted to support your development via a growing number of You Tube Videos.  If you haven't found our page, swing by and subscribe.  Don't forget to hit the bell so you are notified when a new one is uploaded:

Zoom Coaching Sessions

Individual coaching sessions are hosted via Zoom and will support you with your psychic and spiritual development.  

Cost: $100 per session

Psychic Exercise: Playing Cards

If you have watched the You Tube video and played along with the activity - check out how many you intuited correctly.

If you haven't seen the video - check it out here and have a go at the playing card exercise:

Cards by Colour


Cards by Number/Face

Cards by Suit

How to Scry using Wax

In this video we will be exploring the practice of scrying using candle wax. This is an ancient practice of hydromancy (using water for divination) and I will be taking you through my process on how to scry successfully and safely. I will then demonstrate how to scry and you can scry along with me. What will you see in the wax?

Psychic Development: ESP Cards

In this video, join me in a fun and easy way to practice your intuition and build your psychic skills. I have used this exercise with countless of my students and it really is an effective way to develop as a psychic. All you will need to participate is paper and a pen!

How to See and Feel Auras

In this video we will be delving into the world of the auric field. We will be practicing techniques to learn how to feel and see auras. This is an interactive video and I hope you will practice along. All you will need is some plain paper and a pen.

How to Read Oracle Cards

In this video we will be exploring the differences between tarot and oracle cards. Learn how to choose them, clear and dedicate them before you use them. I have been reading oracle cards for over twenty years and find them to be an easy and fun way to tap into your intuition.

Black Water Scrying

I am excited to share this 3rd video in the scrying series. In this video we focus on the ancient art of black water scrying. There are many ways to black water scry, from divination to getting insights to problems. You can also use this technique to connect with spirit. I will be sharing with you my process as well as undertaking a black water scrying session with a 21st century twist. I will be sharing with you some interesting photographs of the session itself.

Ink Scrying

In this video I will share with you the ancient practice of scrying. What is is, its history and the different ways you can scry. Scrying for divination is practice that goes back centuries and it's really good for helping you to tap into your intuition to answer a question you might be struggling with, a decision you need to make - the list is endless! Not only will I tell you all about scrying, I will delve into how to scry with ink. I will share with you my tried and tested method AND demonstrate a session. Let me know if the comments, what you saw in the ink! Its a wonderful practice and I am sure you will love it too!

Black Mirror Scrying

If you are intrigued by this ancient method of spirit communication, join me in a black mirror scrying session. I will be sharing my tried and trusted process, the do's and don'ts before embarking upon a scrying session.

Cleansing Crystals

With almost 30 years of working with crystals - Learn my top ways to cleanse crystals and why I use them!

Tree Talk

How to Communicate with Trees

We are all connected. Not just the human beings on the planet, but all the animals, plants, rocks and trees. Tree are sentient beings who are ready, willing and able to support us. Learn how to connect and communicate with trees. In this video I will be sharing with you my practice of tree talk, the protocols for doing this with respect as well as introducing you to some of my tree companions!

How to Market your Spiritual Biz

This is the video I never thought I would make. Marketing a spiritual business can be a challenge. Finding templates and photo stock to suit a spiritual biz a nightmare. After 20 years of trying to create my own high class photo's and failing I am excited to report that things are much better now.

This is a where to, rather than a how to video and I will be sharing my fav sites that I go to in order to find photo's, video clips and audio to improve my marketing and teaching projects!  

Help! My House is Haunted

Hey everyone. This video is for anyone who is experiencing paranormal activity. I have been working as a paranormal investigator and researcher for over twenty years and have helped countless people to resolve, deal with, learn to live with spirits in their homes or place of business. It can be unnerving, unsettling and downright frightening. In this video I will share you you my advice to anyone experiencing paranormal activity based on over two decades of experience. I am here to help! You are not alone!

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