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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I obtain insurance after completing a program?

Yes.  Our practitioner programs will enable you to obtain practitioner insurance for the modality you trained in with us.  This includes Reiki, Crystal Therapy, Sound Healing and Indian Head Massage.  Details of how to obtain insurance will be provided in the class.

Do you offer guidance on setting up your own practice?

Yes.  How to set up and run a successful holistic therapy business is covered in all of our certified programs.

What happens if I miss a class?

Obviously missing a session means that you miss important content and should be avoided if possible. However, we know that sometimes life throws a curve ball which results in a person missing a session. In most circumstances your fellow students will help you to catch up with what was missed. Your program tutor can also help you. If a student misses too much of the program, they will fall behind and at that point we would need to discuss the possibility of you joining a future class.

Will I get to practice?

Yes.  We believe that practice is the key to understanding what you are learning and growing in confidence.  All of our programs are designed to build knowledge and skills and have opportunities for practice throughout.

How do I connect with my fellow students in between sessions

We believe it is important to create strong communities between students and graduates of our programs.  We use Facebook as a way of connecting students both while they are studying and after they graduate.

What payment methods do you accept?

E-transfer is by far the best way to pay and is the preferred option for many of our students.  However, we can accept the following in-person options: debit or credit or cash as well as payment by cheque. 

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes.  We are happy to work out a payment plan to suit your individual budget.  All we ask is that you pay the full amount by the start of the program.

Do I need to provide my own equipment?

The College provides equipment for you to practice with.  This includes massage beds, crystals, sound healing instruments, oils (Indian Head Massage) etc.  However, if you are planning to work professionally in any modality, we would expect you to start purchasing the equipment you need for this.  Guidance can be provided by the College as well as being able to supply crystals and sound healing instruments directly.

Why do you require a deposit?

Our courses are extremely popular and hold waiting lists.  Collecting a deposit lets us know that you are committed to attending the program and will secure your place.

What happens if I am unable to satisfy the assessment requirements?

Firstly, don't worry!  We understand that assessment processes can be anxiety provoking and worrisome.  We are confident that we will be able to support you to successfully achieve all the assessment requirements.  However, you will need to put effort into achieving this.  This includes ensuring you schedule enough time for assignments, case studies and practice.  Your tutor will be observing your progress and will provide additional support if they feel this is necessary.

We do have the option of deferring graduation so that assessment requirements can be met.  We will work alongside and support you to achieve a successful outcome.

Do you provide refunds?

Yes.  Providing the refund is requested within 4 weeks of the program starting, a full refund will be given on any monies paid.  After the program has started no refunds are given. If you start a program and for whatever reason you cannot finish it, please reach out to your course tutor as soon as possible to discuss options, which may include joining a future program.  In the unlikely event that we cancel the program - a full refund will be given on any payments made.

How do I raise concern with the quality of the program

The College strives to offer student centered programs designed to support individuals to achieve their learning goals. If you are not happy with an aspect of your program, please bring this to the attention of your course tutor in the first instance so that they have the chance to improve things for you. 

 If you remain dissatisfied with the response of the tutor, please make a formal complaint to the College directly at 

 If you remain dissatisfied with the outcome or your program of study is being facilitated by the College Founder Dawn Kirkham (representative of the College), please submit your complaint directly to the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine (IPHM)

International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine

Thomas Ethan House

3 Howards Place, Peel Street,

Littleborough, OL15 8AQ

Tel No: +44(0)1706-838332

If you have a question we haven't provided the answer to or you are still not sure - let us know!

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