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Sound Healing

"Sound will be the medicine of the future"

Edgar Cayce

  Using sound to bring about altered states of consciousness and to heal physically, mentally and emotionally has been around since man first walked the earth. We will dig into the history of it later and it might surprise you long we have been using sound in this way.

Sound healing is often referred to as “vibrational medicine” as vibration and frequency are at the core of how this works with us. There are many ways in which to use sound for healing and if you are like me, you will be excited by the possibility and potential for yourself, your family, your clients, the planet and the universe!

We have a range of sound healing programs you can study in-person or via distance learning. All in person programs will take place at our Langford location

All our programs are accredited by the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine (IPHM).


Sound Healing Practitioner Program


This program is designed for anyone who would like to become a certified Sound Healing Practitioner. Whether you are an existing therapist or energy worker who wishes to add this powerful healing modality to your toolkit or are new to energy healing and is drawn to work with clients in this way, this program is for you.

It is a multi-instrument program where you get to explore how to use various sound healing instruments with a client during a session, including your voice, singing bowls, tuning forks, drums, rattles, bells and gongs. It is a blend of theory and practice and runs over 7 months.

We will be practicing with both Metal and Crystal singing bowls and the tuning fork sets we will be concentrating on are harmonic spectrum and the  Otto tuning fork sets.

In between sessions you will be asked to practice and write up these sessions as reflective logs. Towards the end of the program you will be confident to be able to undertake a full healing session using several sound healing instruments/techniques. Assessment for certification is undertaken by the submission of 3 case studies before the end of the program and an observed sound healing session. 

Certification will only be granted if students complete all the case study requirements and the final assessment.

The cost of the program is $740 which includes a manual and certification. A payment plan is available. Please note the full cost of the course is required to be paid by the first day of class.


Fall 2022

Program Overview

Module 1.

Introduction to the course

History of Sound Healing, how it Works and its Benefits

Anatomy and Physiology of Sound and How we Hear

Chakras and the Auric Field

Module 2.

Using your Voice, Toning and Chanting

Theory and Practice

Module 3.

Singing Bowls (Tibetan and Crystal)

Theory and Practice

Module 4.

Tuning Forks (Chakra, Harmonic Spectrum, Otto and Ohm sets)

Theory and Practice

Module 5.

Drums and Rattles

Theory and Practice

Module 6.

Bells, Chimes and Gongs

Professional Practice

Module 7.

Final Assessment

Starting and Running a Holistic Business

This program can be studied online with access to monthly modules which include videos/audio recordings and a manual.  In order to fully participate and practice, students must have access to the following instruments:

 at least 1 metal singing bowl, 

Harmonic Spectrum, Ohm and Otto Tuning Forks 

Frame Drum.


Tuning Forks:

Sonic Meridian and Accu-Pressure to improve energy flow and function

Organ re-balancing and alignment

Sonic facial massage


Shamanic drum journey to facilitate client wellness


Facilitating a group sound bath

This program can be studied distance learning and will include workbooks, Skype sessions and email discussion. In order to participate, students must have access to all of the instruments being studied.

Students can commence the program any time and work through the content in their own time. However, it is recommended that the full program is completed within 12 months of starting.

Advanced Sound Healing Program

This program is for graduates of the Certified Sound Healing Practitioner Program (Level One).

We will be exploring additional techniques using Tuning Forks, Drums and Facilitating a Group Session.

We will be delving more deeply into additional techniques and protocols using tuning forks including meridians and acupressure points. You will learn how to improve energy flow throughout the body by placing forks on specific points to remove blocks. In addition you will learn how to use human organ forks to bring all the bodies’ organs back into vibrational balance. You will also learn how to undertake a facial massage using tuning forks.

We will be working with Otto, Ohm, Meridian, Solfeggio and Organ tuning fork sets

We will also be concentrating on additional techniques using the drum and how to take the client through a drum journey effectively and safely.

Finally, we will be covering facilitating a group sound bath.

This level is undertaken over a full weekend. Cost $400

Places are limited to 8 and you must be a graduate of the level one program.



You will learn:

•How to assess a client's energy field, clear it and balance it using forks

•Assessing and balancing the Chakra system

•Using forks for emotional release and re-balance

•Nervous system re-balancing and stress reduction techniques

•Sonic Lymph Massage

•Using intervals to resolve a variety of mental, emotional and physical issues

•Tuning Fork Meridian Therapy and Protocols

•Use of Human Organ Tuning Forks

•Tuning Fork Therapy and the Endocrine System

•The use of Solfeggio Frequencies

•Sonic Facial Technique

We will be working with the following forks:

Harmonic Spectrum Tuning Forks

Mid Ohm Fork

Otto Tuning Fork Set

Solfeggio Frequencies

Human Organ Tuning Forks

Meridian Tuning Forks (optional)

Tuning Fork Practitioner

This two day program is designed for therapists who are already offering sound healing as part of their practice and who wish to integrate tuning forks in this or for anyone who wishes to offer Tuning Fork Therapy to clients.

Tuning forks frequencies are effective tools to use within sound healing and can be used on their own or with other instruments.

In order to be granted Tuning Fork Practitioner Status - you will be required to submit 3-case studies. Certificates will be issued when these have been received and assessed.

Cost: $350 per person. Payment plans are available. Places are limited to 8.



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