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Dowsing Training

Introduction to Dowsing

Introduction to Dowsing

June 2024

Victoria, BC Canada


Cost: $100

Get in touch to find out the dates of the next workshop in 2024.

Introduction to Earth Energy Dowsing

Fall 2024


Cost: $200

If you are interested in taking your dowsing further you can train to be a house healer


We want the environments we live and work in to be beneficial to our health and wellness. However, there are many unseen factors that can be detrimental to this. I am not into triggering fear but the people that usually reach out to me are already feeling off in their home or business and get the sense that there may be something more going on.

There are so many aspects of subtle energy that can become discordant in a home. This energetic tension can lead to mood changes, relationship issues, emotional impacts, health and wellness concerns. This energy is unseen, subtle, but cumulative.


n this online professional House Healing program you will earn how to tap into the energies of a space and harmonize them for the good of all.  Students have access to an e-learning portal for course materials and activities which will be discussed at the monthly zoom sessions. Each module has a manual to download and keep.


Introduction to House Healing and Harmonization 

Dowsing Remotely Master Class

The Sacred Landscape 

Geopathic Stress and Earth Energies

Technopathic Stress 

Spirits, Ghosts and Things that go Bump in the Night 

Nature Spirits, Elemental Energies and Portals

Personal Health and Wellness 

How to Undertake a Full Healthy Home Assessment and Harmonization

Client Consultation, Writing a Report and Debrief

Starting and building your Business


This program is unique, expansive, and high quality. You will peek behind the seen world in the realm of the unseen. You will get to connect and interact with the landscape in a deeper way and understand how we influence the land, learning how to live a more harmonious life. 


On this 10 month journey you will be building your trust and confidence in remote dowsing and learning techniques to identify the subtle energies that exist just beyond our five senses. With the practice of dowsing, you will become far more sensitive to subtle energy and will find your intuition growing.


You will explore the detrimental energies that can have a profound impact and learn how you can heal yourself, others, and the land. At the end of your journey, you will be able to work as a professional house healer. This is important work which will help to raise the energy and consciousness of the planet and will change how you see and experience the world. Working remotely, you get to connect with the landscape in deep and meaningful ways. You get to understand the myriad of things that can affect us and work to resolve these for your clients..


You will learn


How to assess a location for Geopathic, Technopathic and Geopsychic stress

How to identify personal healing issues for a client and how to resolve them

How to share your results with a client in a way that is meaningful to them

How to harmonize and heal land, space and person.


Cost: $150 CDN per month for the duration of the program.


Student also get free access (for the duration of your training) to the International Professional House Healers Network which brings together students and practitioners from across the globe to explore house healing and learn from experts. The program is certified by the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine and approved by the British Society of Dowsers.


The next program starts in September 2024. Please contact us for more information or to reserves you place.

Dowsing for Personal Wellness

In this 1-day workshop you will learn how to use a pendulum to assess your own personal health and wellness and how to harmonize and balance your energy.


Cost: $150


New dates for 2025 in the works

Dowsing for Health Practitioner Program

We are excited to be working on developing this program to launch in the Fall 2024


Join a Dowsing Society

If you are interested in learning dowsing for self or others, I highly recommend you join a dowsing society. They exist in most countries and are great ways to connect with other dowsers, learn and grow.

I am a Trustee of the British Society of Dowsers which is one of the oldest dowsing societies in the world and am also a registered tutor with them.  I am also a Director of the Canadian Society of Dowsers The cost to join is small and the benefit huge. Visit their website here to find out more about membership benefits, costs and how to join.

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