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Dowsing Training

Introduction to Dowsing

Introduction to Dowsing

Saturday April 15 2023

Victoria, BC Canada

Cost: $100

Introduction to Earth Energy Dowsing

22 and 23 April 2023

Victoria, BC, Canada

Cost: $200

If you are interested in taking your dowsing further you can train to be a house healer


We want the environments we live and work in to be beneficial to our health and wellness. However, there are many unseen factors that can be detrimental to this. I am not into triggering fear but the people that usually reach out to me are already feeling off in their home or business and get the sense that there may be something more going on.

Dowsing for Personal Wellness

In this 1-day workshop you will learn how to use a pendulum to assess your own personal health and wellness and how to harmonize and balance your energy.

Cost: $150

Dates 2023: Coming Soon

Dowsing for Health Practitioner Program

We are excited to be working on developing this program to launch in 2023

Join a Dowsing Society

If you are interested in learning dowsing for self or others, I highly recommend you join a dowsing society. They exist in most countries and are great ways to connect with other dowsers, learn and grow.

I am a Trustee of the British Society of Dowsers which is one of the oldest dowsing societies in the world and am also a registered tutor with them.  I am also a Director of the Canadian Society of Dowsers The cost to join is small and the benefit huge. Visit their website here to find out more about membership benefits, costs and how to join.

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