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International College of Energy Healing

Dowsing Training

Course Dates

25th an 26th June 2022

Introduction to Dowsing

This is a two day workshop, ran over a weekend where you get to explore the basics of dowsing. You will learn the following:

How to use a pendulum and dowsing rods

Asking clear questions to improve accuracy

Informational and Directional Dowsing

Locating a tracking an underground stream

Map Dowsing

You will get comfortable and confident in your dowsing practice, learn some new skills and have fun!

Cost: $220

Course Manual is provided

Dowsing Rods and Pendulums can be borrowed or purchased. Alternatively, you can bring your own

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Earth Energy Dowsing

3 full day workshops full of amazing content designed to help you to interact with the landscape in a deep and meaningful way. It is beneficial for you to have basic dowsing skills of pendulum and rod use to fully participate.  You will learn

How to interact with Spirit of Place and Site Guardians

Dowsing frequencies of the landscape

Locating Earth Energy Leys and Channels

Locating and understanding Energy Spirals (Geo-Spiral)

Locating and working with Power Centre

Locating and understanding Earth Sky Chimneys

Understanding detrimental earth energy, Geopathic Stress and the impact to health

Locating Hartman Grid and Curry Net

Cost: $350

A course manual is included

Dowsing rods and pendulums can be borrowed or bought. Alternatively you can bring your own

Course Dates:

July 24th

August 21st

September 4th

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There is no program quite like this , it is unique, expansive and high quality. You will peek behind the seen world in the realm of the unseen.

On this journey you will be building your trust and confidence in the use of dowsing rods and pendulums and learning techniques to identify the subtle energies that exist just beyond our five senses. With the practice of dowsing, you will become far more sensitive to subtle energy and will find your intuition growing.

You will get to connect and interact with the landscape in a deeper way. You will understand how we influence the land and learn how to live a more harmonious life. You will explore harmonious and detrimental energies that can have a profound impact. You will learn how you can heal yourself, others, and the land.

The House Healing Mentoring Program is a journey which will help you to reveal the unseen. To tap into the ultimate source of knowledge and will allow you to see and interact with the world in a deep and meaningful way. You will be asked to set aside logic and embrace intuition. Intuition which is brought to life through dowsing. You will learn to embrace the very natural ability of dowsing.

We will delve into aspects of human existence and experience that impact us. From earth energy, harmful electro-magnetic frequencies, restless spirits and placed memory to black magick and curses, you will learn techniques to identify the full extent of a location and its inhabitants

2022 Program

June 25 & 26:  Introduction to Dowsing

July 24:            The Sacred Landscape

August 21:       Earth Energy Dowsing Part 1

Sept 4:             Earth Energy Dowsing  Part 2 

Oct 9:               Nature Spirits and Elementals 

Nov 13:             Spirits, Portals and Attachments

Dec 13:             Healthy Home Assessments Part 1

Jan 15:               Healthy Home Assessments Part 2

Feb 12:              Healing and Harmonizing Part 1

Mar 12:              Healing and Harmonizing Part 2

Apr 5:                The Business Side of House Healing

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House Healing Practitioner

In my work as a house healer I get to unlock the healing potential of the space and those that reside or work there. The goal is to maximize wellness and enable people to live a happy, healthy and fulfilled life. This training program will enable you to do the same. It is sacred work and a privilege to perform.

You are stepping into the world of the geomancer, who uses dowsing and intuition to understand the subtle energy of a space and those that interact with it, identify the detrimental aspects and heal them. Bringing the space and the people into alignment and balance.

This is a 11 month journey. The learning is expansive and will deepen your relationship with the landscape, the seen and unseen realms. At the end of the journey I have no doubt that you will be changed. You will also be able to offer your services as a professional house healer. 

You will explore and learn:

The basics of dowsing using rods and a pendulum

Informational and Directional Dowsing

Remote Dowsing

Tracking underground streams and energy lines

Geopathic and Technopathic Stress and the impact to health

Working with Spirit of Place and Site Guardians

Earth Energy Dowsing 

Nature Spirits and Elementals and how to work with them

Spirits, Portals and Attachments

How to undertake a Healthy Home Assessment for Geopathic, Technopathic and GeoPsychic Stress

How to heal the detrimental energy found in your assessment

The business side of House Healing

Cost: $120 per workshop. As there are two workshops in June, the cost is $240. Thereafter, it is $120 monthly.  (please note that the full program amount is payable if you leave the program within 3 months of commencement) 

A comprehensive course manual is provided

Additional practice sessions will be scheduled throughout the program. These are not mandatory but serve as a touchpoint to help you practice.

Online House Healing Practitioner Program for Dowsers

If you are already an experienced dowser and want to focus your skills on House Healing and Harmonization - this program is designed for you!

This program is being offered online with a module released monthly, followed by a 2.5 hour zoom session to consolidate your learning, share your practice experiences and ask questions.

You will already be able proficient in the use of a pendulum and dowsing rods and feel confident in your dowsing and its accuracy.

Over12 months you will be exploring the exciting world of subtle energy and how it can affect our homes and those you reside there.

Working remotely, you get to connect with the landscape in deep and meaningful ways. You get to understand the myriad of things that can affect us and work to resolve these for your clients.

About the Program

The program is a mixture of self-directed learning and zoom sessions. Each month a module will open on our online learning platform for you to work through. The learning module will be a combination of information to read and videos to watch.

There are also practice requirements within each module.

At the end of the month, there will be a 2.5 hour zoom session during which we can review the module, share your practice experiences, and answer questions.

The program is accredited by the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine and on completion you will be able to join as a member.

Investment is $800

Find out More

You will Learn

How to remotely assess a location for Geopathic, Technopathic and Geopsychic stress

How to share your results with a client in a way that is meaningful to them

How to harmonize and heal the location


In order to achieve your certificate of completion you will be required to submit a case study which demonstrates:

• Your consultation process

• How you undertook the healthy home diagnosis

• The Client Report, including completed floor plan

• Your healing and harmonization process

• The client debrief

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Program Modules

Session One: Introduction to House Healing and Harmonization

• What is the House Healing and Harmonization Process

• Dowsing skills review

• The impact of Harmonious and disharmonious energy

Session Two: Remote Dowsing Masterclass

• Two methods of map dowsing

• Plotting linear and non-linear features on a map

• Clearing blockages to our dowsing

Session Three: The Sacred Landscape:

• Spirit of Place and Guardian Spirits

• Human Impact and land trauma

• Connecting with the vibrational essence of a landscape

• Working with our Spirit team

Session Four: Geopathic Stress and Earth Energies

• What is earth energy and geopathic stress

• Earth energy lines and channels

• Underground streams and other water sources

• Geopsirals

• Diagnosing a location for detrimental earth energies and mapping them on a floor plan

Session Five: Technopathic Stress

• What is technopathic stress

• How can technopathic stress impact us

• How to reduce the impact of technopathic stress

• Diagnosing technopathic stress and locating is on a floor plan

Session Six: Spirits, Ghosts and Things that go Bump in the Night

• Ghosts, spirits, and attachments

• Poltergeists and demons

• Detrimental Human manifested energy

• Portals

• Curses, spells, and black magic

• Diagnosing a location

Session Seven: Nature Spirits, Elemental Energies and Portals

• What are Nature Spirits and Elementals

• Guardian Spirit of the Home

• Energy vortexes and portals

• Off world contacts

Session Eight: Personal Health and Wellness

• Chakra and Aura health

• Vows and contracts

• Ancestral memory, DNA and illness trigger points

• Psychic cords and hooks

• Beneficial energies

Session Nine: Undertaking a Full Healthy Home Assessment

• The Full Healthy Home Assessment Checklist

• Preparation, undertaking an assessment and closing down

• Writing the report

• Client Consultation and Debrief

Session Ten: Healing and Harmonization

• Preparation for a healing and harmonization session

• Healing and harmonization techniques and practices for every aspect of the checklist

• Closing down and rechecking

Session Eleven: Case Studies

• Case Study Requirements

Session Twelve: Building your Business

• Exploring your business vision

• Naming your business

• Setting up your business

• Marketing

• Continuing to grow and learn

• Certification

Program Start Date

The Program commences Saturday September 3rd with a kick off zoom session. Time is 10am PST.

Places are limited to 8

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We want the environments we live and work in to be beneficial to our health and wellness. However, there are many unseen factors that can be detrimental to this. I am not into triggering fear but the people that usually reach out to me are already feeling off in their home or business and get the sense that there may be something more going on.

Dowsing for Personal Wellness

In this 1-day workshop you will learn how to use a pendulum to assess your own personal health and wellness and how to harmonize and balance your energy.

Cost: $150

Dates 2022: Coming Soon

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Dowsing for Health Practitioner Program

We are excited to be working on developing this program to launch in 2022

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