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The word Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is Japanese: Rei meaning ‘universally or spiritually guided’ and Ki meaning ‘Life Force Energy’.

The art of therapeutic practice of Reiki provides us with a very effective way of channelling this energy to promote healing on a physical, mental and emotional level.

Reiki Training

Reiki in the West, is traditionally taught in three levels designed to deepen and expand your energy practice.

Those who connect with this energy on a regular basis cannot help but notice the changes it brings to their lives. Often these changes are instigated through the energy opening up and expanding our sensory filters and by making us more aware of our limiting beliefs and thoughts. Reiki energy brings about balance and leaves us feeling more whole. Reiki is a wonderful healing system for self and for others.

All programs are accredited by the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine (IPHM).

Check out the IPHM

Reiki Programs are all in-person programs held in our Langford, BC workshop.

Additionally, we offer Reiki Drum and Animal Practitioner Trainining

We host a lovely Reiki share on a monthly basis at our Langford location.

Reiki Level One

Students at level One learn about Reiki, its history and how it supports the bodies subtle energy system. Using energy exercises taught by Usui students are encouraged to increase their awareness of energy and develop practices that will incorporate Reiki into their daily lives.

Students receive two Reiki empowerments (attunements) over the course of the workshop which allows them to receive Reiki energy and integrate it successfully. This process clears the recipients own subtle energy to allow them to become a channel of the energy.

At the end of the workshop, students will receive a Reiki Level One Certificate of Completion.

The cost of Reiki Level One is $300 and includes a comprehensive course manual and certificate.

Program Outline:

The Origins of Reiki, its History and Use

Energy Exercises as Taught by Usui

The Human Subtle Anatomy System

Dowsing and Scanning

Treating Self and Other

One empowerment's (attunements)


July 9 and 16

9.30 am - 5pm

Further dates will be added

Reiki Level Two

Level two students deepen their understanding of this healing modality by heightening self awareness and intuitiveness through energy meditations, learning to use three Reiki symbols and how to undertake long distance/absent healing.

The cost of the module is $300 and includes a comprehensive course manual and certificate of completion.


October 1 and 8 2023

10am - 5pm

Further dates will be added

Program Outline:

Three Pillars of Reiki

The Power of Symbols and their use in Reiki Treatments

Energy Exercises Taught by Usui

Undertaking Distant and Absent Healing

One empowerment's (attunements)


Please contact us to discuss

Reiki Master/Teacher 

Not all Reiki students are called to study to Master/Teacher level. Those that are have a desire not only to further integrate this system in their life but to share their passion and knowledge with others. Students are expected to be able to demonstrate how they work with Reiki energy before being accepted.

Program Outline:

Reiki Master Symbols and their Use

Reiki Web of Light

Psychic Surgery

One empowerment's (attunements)

How to undertake an empowerment

Teaching Reiki

The cost of the training is $600 and includes a comprehensive course manual and certificate.

Reiki Drum Practitioner

This workshop is perfect for any Reiki Practitioner who wishes to incorporate drumming into their healing practice. 

This is a highly practical workshop and you will be supported in a safe environment to practice the techniques.

At the end of the workshop you will receive a practitioner certification.

A comprehensive manual is included.

Pre-Requisite - Reiki Level Two as a minimum. You will also need your own drum. If you don't own a drum you can purchase them from us. 

Cost is $280 per person


2022 dates coming soon

During the two days we will be exploring:

Origins and history of drumming

How drumming affect health and wellbeing

Space clearing by drumming

Drum journeys

Power animal drum journey

Drumming techniques within a healing session

Contra-indications of drumming

Professional practice and ethics

Developing intuition with symbols

Group drumming

You will receive 1 drum attunement.

Course Content

Animal to Human Connections

Chakra system

Safe treatment of dogs, cats, small animals and equine’s using Reiki and Crystals

Legal responsibilities of pet ownership

Professional Practice, Legal Requirements and Client Consultation

Distant Healing and using symbols in a treatment

Approaches to treating farm and wild animals

Practicing hands on treatments of dogs, cats, and equines

Animal Reiki Practitioner

For anyone who is a Reiki practitioner and who wants to expand their practice to include animals.

Join Reiki Masters Dawn Kirkham and Helen Windsor in this wonderful two day program. Students will:

Deepen their bond with any animal

Increase their level of understanding, trust and communication with the animals in their life

Maintain health on many levels

Help with emotional healing of trauma, neglect, fear and abuse

Reduce nervous tension and other issues of stress

Work as a certified Animal Reiki Practitioner

Cost: $280 Places limited to 8


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