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Reiki Retreat 2022

Calling anyone who has been initiated to Reiki – join Reiki Master/Teacher Dawn Kirkham in this two-day Reiki immersion weekend.

Mikao Usui developed his spiritual path of self-healing with a set of fundamental teachings, we know as the Reiki precepts. These are the foundation of our spiritual growth and will be used to frame the weekend.

The secret of inviting happiness through many blessings,

the spiritual medicine for all illness;

For today only Do not anger, Do not worry, Be humble,

Be honest in your work, Be compassionate to yourself and others

Do Gassho every morning and night, keep in your mind and recite.

Mikao Usui

Over the two days we will be immersing ourselves in the following

Connecting Reiki with our breath

Traditional Reiki energy meditations and exercises as taught by Usui

Additional Reiki techniques for self and others

Reiki shares

Reiki drum journey

Release and let go ceremony

Reiki attunements

This retreat welcomes anyone from any Reiki lineage, initiated to the first degree as a minimum. Whether you are a Reiki Master, a Reiki professional providing treatment to others, on your own spiritual journey with Reiki or you have lost your way, this weekend will strengthen your relationship with Reiki and help you on your Spiritual journey.

A vegetarian lunch is provided on both days (vegan and glutton free options available).

Dates: 18th and 19th June 2022

10am – 5pm

Investment: $320 

We will gather in the nature house which sits on the water’s edge, within the tranquil natural environment, inspiring an awareness of nature as teacher and essential ally..

Surrounded by peace and tranquility and free from interruption, we can relax and let go, leaving space to connect to Reiki energy.

The Mary Lake property is located in the Highlands District, part of the Greater Victoria area, ​just 25 km from the heart of Victoria.

Visit the website HERE

Retreat Venue

Imagine spending two days nestled in the trees on a 42 acre protected forest in the Highlands.

Marys Lake Nature Sanctuary is a special place and amazing for ritual, ceremony and self-care.

Mary Lake lies within the traditional territories of the WSÁNEC (Saanich) Coast Salish Peoples.

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