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About your Shamanic Drum Journey

Before the session starts, Dawn will find out a bit more about your health and lifestyle as this will inform a treatment plan designed to meet your wellness goals.

You will decide if you want to undertake the journey lying on the floor or on a massage table.  Whichever you choose, you will be made comfortable and warm.

You will be provided with an understanding of the journey, the different drum beats and what they signify.  

You will be relaxed through some guided visualization before the drumming commences.

Typically the drum journey itself will last around 30 minutes.  When the journey is over, you will be invited to lie in silence for a little while.  This helps you to begin the integration of the information and also allows you to fully return to your body.

When you are able, you will be invited to journal your experiences.

Following this, we will explore your experiences to assist you to deepen your understanding of the wisdom.

The whole process takes around 90 minutes.

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