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Schedule an Energy Therapy Session

Dawn provides both in-person and distance treatments in the following modalities:


Crystal Therapy

Sound Therapy

Emotional Freedom Technique

Clients can choose to focus on one modality or enjoy an integrated session with several of the modalities being used.

Whether you are in person or receiving your session from the comfort of your own home (distance healing) you can be assured of a high quality, nurturing session.

If you have a question or wish to discuss your session please contact Dawn

1 Hour Energy Therapy Session

Dawn offers both in-person or distance healing sessions.  

Cost: $100

On booking Dawn will reach out to you via email with payment instructions..  

One to One Spiritual Coaching

Dawn offers clients in person or skype/zoom spiritual coaching sessions.

She is experienced at exploring your spiritual growth and development and supporting your journey.

Cost: $100

On booking Dawn will reach out to you via email with payment instructions.

90 Minutes Energy Therapy Session

If you are feeling the need to invest more time in your wellness, Dawn offers both in-person and distance healing sessions that are 90-minutes long.

Cost: $150

Please contact Dawn to discuss scheduling

What our clients are saying

Dawn provides a safe and peaceful environment.  I felt relaxed and cared for throughout my session

Julia, Victoria BC.

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